Jade Talks Travel #16 – A Tribute to Jennifer K Olsen – 1976-2019

On what should have been Jen’s 43rd Birthday, instead here’s our story, my tribute to her. Happy Birthday Jennifer xoxo

With travel and living overseas, inevitably comes long distance romance. The story of Jen and I is one such love that was never fully realised. In a world of borders, expensive visas, and restrictions on working, long distance relationships are difficult in the digital nomad world. Tragically Jennifer Olsen died on the 21st January 2019 at just 42 years old. This special tribute edition of Jade Talks Travel is dedicated to Jen, on what would have been her 43rd Birthday. To share a memory or learn more about the beautiful soul that was Jennifer, please visit her memorial website www.jenniferkolsen.wordpress.com

Happy Birthday Jen, I miss you, love always, Jade xoxox

To read a letter I wrote to Jen, soon after I found out she had died, click here.

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The following podcasts include references to jen in my stories though they could be duplicate stories from the tribute.
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  1. Donna M Gaillot April 10, 2019 at 6:11 AM

    Your letter to Jen after she passed really touched my heart. I am currently going through the almost exact situation with someone I lost 6 months ago. He was 41 at the time he passed. I absolutely relate to you when you say “replace her.” I am just recently allowing myself to grieve and it really sux. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


  2. Hi Donna, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, it’s difficult and complicated learning of the passing of a previous lover. Thank you for reaching out. I think it’s important that more people like us speak out, because regardless of whether they were a currently a part of our lives or not, it still hurts, it’s still a loss, and we still grieve. Guilt becomes a large obstruction to moving forward because there’s the rethinking of every moment of that relationship thinking ‘if I did this differently would there have been a different outcome? Would they still be here now?’ It’s complicated but know it’s okay to grieve and everyone deals with death in their own way. What you’re feeling is part of the process and in time, the ship you’re in will pass through stormy seas and land in a calm, clear bay, warm with the scent of frangipani flowers. The pain will still be there, but you’ll be able to smile for the day you’re in, not breakdown from the storm you once weathered. I’ve emailed you too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I hope you find something or someone to help you move forward. Cheers Jade


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