Contribute a story to Jade Talks Travel

Thanks for listening to Jade Talks Travel and for your interest in submitting a life lesson, learnt from travel.

To keep Jade Talks Travel interesting and fresh, I always wanted to open it up to stories sent in by listeners. Make sure you have listened to a couple of episodes of Jade Talks Travel, to get an idea of the kinds of stories that work well, but ultimately an important life lesson, that occurred whilst travelling is what I’m after.

If you haven’t listened to my podcast yet, you can check out episodes, here.

Stories that engage the listener, entertain, and leave them with new knowledge about a destination, along with a lesson to take away, to use on their next adventure are ideally what I’m after for the show.

I’m not particularly interested in stories that start with “this one time I was really drunk…” or “this one time I fell off a scooter in Thailand…” or “this one time I went to a sex show in Amsterdam.”

The aim of Jade Talks Travel is to excite travellers about unvisited regions, and to teach them something practical they can use to enhance their next trip, or to get out of a tricky situation.

If you think you have a great life lesson, learnt whilst travelling then please fill out the following details, and if required, I’ll get back to you for further clarification.

If you wish to read the terms and conditions for submitting a story, you can find them here. If you have concerns about privacy, then please check out my privacy policy.

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