Jade Talks Travel: Press Kit

The Show
Jade Talks Travel is a podcast about all things travel; from life lessons learnt from travel, to travelling independently, to off-the-beaten track destinations. Host and travel expert, Jade Jackson shares years of knowledge from within the travel industry along with stories from the road having visited 25% of the globe (so far). He also interviews other travel experts. His aim is to make travel more accessible to all, thus changing the world.

The Host
Jade Jackson has been obsessed with travel since he was a kid. He took his first gap year at age 11, taking a year off school and has since pursued the ultimate job which would pay him to travel thus leading him to; Managing Travel Agencies, Issuing Airline Tickets, Teaching Travel and Tourism (including airfares and ticketing), Managing e-Commerce Accounts for Tourism Businesses, Teaching English in Japan, Working on a Cruise Ship and serving models in a high class bar in London. He now works as a Travel Writer, Podcaster and Photographer. Amongst all this he’s travelled to almost 60 countries. He doesn’t do tours. 

Jade currently lives between the Blue Mountains and Sydney, Australia. He’s obsessed with sharks, clouds, and islands. His favourite television show is The X-Files and he buys more books than he ever reads, including three copies of The Island by Aldous Huxley because each had a different cover and he forgot he already owned it. 

Download or Subscribe
The podcast, Jade Talks Travel can be listened to directly on my website. You can also listen to or subscribe from this RSS feed, or any of your favourite podcasting apps:

Jade Talks Travel is released monthly, though in an ideal world it would be released twice a month.

Guests who appear on Jade Talks Travel are other experts in the travel industry. So far he’s had a Professor of Linguistics from Japan, an ex-employee of Disneyworld, and a Travel Writer. He has many more amazing guests in the pipeline including flight attendants, hotel employees in Fiji and families who have packed up the kids and moved to another country to live the island life.

Audio Preview
You can listen to a 1 minute preview of Jade Talks Travel here.

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What listener’s are saying about Jade Talks Travel
“I love this podcast so much, it has everything: inspiring stories, unique places to visit (including how to get there), and the life lessons from travel have given me a different perspective on life. The guest interviews have been interesting and insightful. Overall definitely one to check out.”
– Apple Podcasts, Australia

“There’s so much to love about Jade Talks Travel. The travel stories, the facts, the inspiration. I’m definitely keen to check out some of the places Jade mentioned that I hadn’t considered going to before. Perfect for anyone interested in travel and I’ve been to almost every Disney theme park but I still learnt so much about Disneyworld! Worth a listen.”
– Apple Podcasts, Australia

Contribute your travel story
If you have an important travel tip or a great story to tell from the road, contact Jade Jackson to appear as a guest and tell your story on Jade Talks Travel. Alternatively send Jade a postcard from your travels with a travel tip and he’ll read it out on the next episode.