Travelosophy story contribution (general terms)

Thank you for your interest in contributing a story to Jade Jackson. By submitting a story to Jade Jackson, to be featured on the podcast, Travelosophy, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

‘You’ is referred to as the person submitting a story or a life lesson learnt from travel.
‘Published’ is referring to your story appearing in any media including but not limited to print, online, in a podcast, or in a video.
Story, life lessons learnt from travel and life lessons from global expeditions are all terms referring to an event that actually happened to ‘you’ that you can corroborate with physical evidence.
‘Travel themed’ refers to an event that happened to you, in a place, other than the city in which you live. If could be a different town in the same state you live in, it could be an event in another state, or it could be an event in another country.
‘Travel’ does not necessarily have to be for pleasure, it could have been something happen to you whilst travelling for work, with family or friends, or whilst on vacation.

All stories must be travel themed, actually occurred and all stories submitted are 100% true and factual, and happened to ‘you’ the submitter, and are not fabricated in any way (ie no urban myths or hearsay). All stories are 100% original and have not appeared in any other media, either in print, digital or otherwise published in any way. All stories can be corroborated with evidence, including but not limited to images, documents, diary entries, mementos or physical goods. Any stories deemed to be falsified will be deleted without any further acknowledgement.

By submitting a true life lesson learnt from travel, to Jade Jackson you are giving your full authority for Jade Jackson to assume copyright for the story and for Jade Jackson to assume full ownership of the story to be used as and when, including but not limited to; in a podcast, including but not limited to the podcast, ‘Travelosophy’ by Jade Jackson, as well as being published in any written or digital form, including but not limited to appearing on the website www.jadejackson.com.au or in any other media.

Your name will still be attributed to the story, this just allows me to use the story, in multiple locations (e.g. in a podcast, on my website) without having to get your authority, each and every time.

No personal information supplied to Jade Jackson by ‘you’ will be published, except for first names and last initial, City (or State) and Country as related to, or when deemed necessary to verify any story submitted to acknowledge who the story is received from.

The idea of this, is so listeners are satisfied the stories submitted are from actual people, and are not fabricated in any way.

All stories are submitted in kind and no compensation, monetary or otherwise will be liable or due to the story submitter ie ‘you’ at the time of submittance or for any reason, at anytime in the future.

Any future offers of ‘prizes’ for stories are at the discretion of Jade Jackson and are not guaranteed for every story and are subject to any competition terms and conditions.

Any story submitted is not guaranteed to be published and it is fully at the discretion of Jade Jackson if it is to be included in any podcast or on the website www.jadejackson.com.au, or anywhere else. No reason need be given if a story is deemed suitable or not for publication and no further correspondence will be entered into.

From time to time, Jade Jackson may request specific themed stories and may hold onto any story for an indeterminate amount of time, until it’s deemed necessary to include it in a podcast or on the website www.jadejackson.com.au or anywhere else, and you agree not to publish your story in anyway, with any other media, either in digital or in print or in any other way.

By submitting your personal details, you are authorizing Jade Jackson (or his hired assistant) to potentially contact you in relation to your story for clarification and/or confirmation. If Jade Jackson makes contact, he may also record the conversation for the purpose of including it in a podcast, or publishing it. If this happens, Jade Jackson will advise you at the time. You will have the opportunity to cease the phonecall, if you do not wish to be recorded.

Your personal details will not be passed onto any third party, as per my privacy policy]. Except as per paragraph above, to clarify the details of a story submitted.

When submitting a story for consideration the following information MUST be included:

  • Your First and Last Name (so I know who’s story it is)
  • Your Contact Phone number (just in case I need to clarify something)
  • Your email address (so I can let you know if your story is being featured)
  • Your date of birth (for age verification)
  • Your location – City and Country (so my listeners can get a sense of place)
  • What happened in the story?
  • Where it happened? (city, country and location)
  • Who else was there?
  • When did it happen?
  • How did it happen?Please be as descriptive as you can, including details appealing to the senses, without being long-winded. Stories may be edited prior to publication for length and or clarity without any further clarification or acknowledgement from ‘you’.

Thank you for listening to Travelosophy and for your contribution to keeping it interesting.

Happy reading, listening and watching with Jade Jackson.