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I was once asked in a job interview (for a travel agent role) what my dream job would be (an odd question in an interview), and without thinking I responded “Travel Writer, because I love travelling, and I love writing.” Surprisingly I did get that role, but that answer ignited in me a desire to pursue my passion.

I kept a number of diaries and notebooks during my travels, with scribblings about moments that stood out, however they were all lost when my parents house burnt down, thankfully the internet has meant, my articles can now live on forever.

My mostly travel-themed blog (with the occasional self-help article) is a collection of travel agent knowledge, combined with travel scenarios that irked me, that I had to solve; from travelling independently in China, to recognising the cultural differences amongst the Pacific Islands.

The majority of travel articles I read elsewhere, rarely tell me anything new, so my blog is a place to find inspiring articles, solving real-life travel scenarios – like how do you choose which islands to visit in the Philippines, when there are over 7000 to choose from?

Or have you ever wandered how websites get ‘hacker fares’? Find the answers to these questions, and more right here.

My articles on Weekend Notes, are aimed at finding cool stuff to do, only the locals know. From hip retro eateries in Katoomba, to indie theatres of Sydney and how to score the cheapest theatre tickets in New York.

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Travel Knowledge

Create bespoke itineraries, to distant destinations.

You don’t have to spend thousands to experience overseas travel.

Easter is one of the busiest times to travel, avoid the tourist hotspots to score reasonable accommodation, last minute.

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

Misty mountains create unique photo opportunities.

Experience off-the-grid living, without sacrificing comfort.

Cool off in these natural swimming bush swimming holes, and waterfalls.

Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the spectacular views.

Peruse beautiful bookshops, before snuggling up with a cup of tea, in front of a fire, on your Blue Mountains weekend escape.

Shop for weird and macabre gifts like Vampire Kill Kits, taxidermy bats, artwork from serial killers, and ouija boards. Like a museum of curiosities.

An easy walk, with lake views (rare in the mountains) suitable for mountain biking, and inexperienced walkers, as it’s a clear wide path.

A cute little waterfall and swimming hole, a short walk from Lawson.

Fill buckets of chestnuts and walnuts to roast at home.

A festival celebrating ye olde world including jousting, blacksmithery, and archery. Different themes each year, and cosplay is pretty much mandatory.

Nothing beats a scrumptious pie after a long Bushwalk. Here’s your guide to the best bakeries in the Blue Mountains.

A cafe high up in the Blue Mountains, with exceptional coffee and food, reasonable prices, and a view you could gaze upon for hours.

Hip retro eatery that’s like walking into your grandmothers living room. Comfy couches, cozy booths, and food like mum used to make.

Take your tastebuds on a round the world trip. Quick and tasty simple menu, inspired from different cultures.

Authentic Vietnamese streetfood, made fresh each day, in limited batches.

A sugar addict’s delight. Chocolates and candy from around the world, including fresh made fudge. Worth visiting for a jar of Marshmallow Fluff.

Literally as the name suggests, you throw axes for sport. Easy to learn, and for anyone who’s ever seen a zombie movie, seems like a useful skill to have.


China is not like other countries in that there’s restrictions on most day to day activities that we take for granted in the west like googling ‘cheap flights’ and taking money out of ATM’s. Your guide to travelling China, without having to take a tour.

The newest, biggest, most crowded Disneyland ever. Here’s what is unique, and different about Shanghai Disneyland, China.


Despite the controversy, this experience employs hundreds of locals, and offers tourists an affordable way to get close to the largest but gentlest shark in the ocean.

A rare, and unique animal, unchanged for millennia, that can’t survive life in captivity, because it commits suicide.

With so many islands, it’s tough to decide which ones to visit, luckily, there’s an island to suit whatever style of holiday you’re after in the Philippines.

New York

It’s everything you’ve ever seen in every Christmas movie, ever. Magical, and oh so Christmassy. Spending a Christmas in New York is something every family should experience, once in a lifetime.

One of the biggest, famous New Years events in the world.

Nobody pays full price for Broadway tickets, here’s how to score the cheapest possible seats, and fill your evenings with musicals.

Most tourists underestimate just how big New York City is, here’s a guide to making the most of your time in the city that never sleeps.

New Zealand

It’s like visiting the lighthouse at the end of the world. Unfettered ocean views, free camping, and few people. It’s my favourite place in the world to escape urban life.

A dusty trail, ancient virgin forest, a single lane tunnel with glow worms – There’s much to remember on this remote road trip.

Tucked away in Pinehaven is the cutest cafe and homeware shop, perfect for a weekend outing with the kids.