Photography terms and conditions (general)

These terms and conditions are general terms covering the hire of Jade Jackson for photographic services only.

Terms and conditions for photography bookings:
By making a booking with Jade Jackson Photography, whether verbally or in writing, you – ‘the customer’ are deemed as in agreeance with the following terms and conditions.

Payment for photographic services provided by Jade Jackson Photography is due no later than the day of the photo shoot.
Payment is to be made in full, for the package agreed upon via either cash or credit card (via a secure mobile payment device from Square). Payment by electronic deposit directly must be made at least 72 hours prior to the photoshoot into the following bank account:

Bank: Teachers Mutual Bank
Branch: Rooty Hill
Account Name: Jade Jackson
Account Number: 1181802
BSB: 812 170

Upon payment via internet banking, please email a copy of the receipt (or screenshot) to Jade Jackson Photography. Prices quoted are valid for all new bookings from 12th February 2018 U.F.N.

All images given to you via printed, electronic means or stored on a USB stick are yours to share with immediate family or friends, print, or store without further permission by Jade Jackson Photography. However you can not sell any images nor can you claim ownership of any photo shoots without prior written approval by Jade Jackson.

Any images taken during the photo shoot can be used by Jade Jackson Photography for the purpose of marketing the business ‘Jade Jackson Photography’. These images can be used electronically, printed, or in any other way deemed necessary as an example to promote the business ‘Jade Jackson Photography’ including but not limited to; being displayed on websites owned by Jade Jackson Photography as well as photographic competitions. If you object to this, or any specific images being used, please advise Jade Jackson Photography in writing at the time of receiving your photos.

USB sticks are an easy and convenient format to receive images. These are designed for viewing images on a computer. Some televisions are known not to display images via a USB stick. This is a fault of the television, not the USB stick. If you would like a movie slideshow for viewing on a television then this can be arranged for an additional fee.

‘Jade Jackson Photography’ is primarily a photographer however all equipment is capable of recording high-definition video. If you wish for a particular moment to be recorded, please advise the photographer before the shoot which moments you would like recorded. ‘Jade Jackson Photography’ can not be held liable for photos taken in lieu of video where no discussion has taken place.

Likewise, if you would like 360* degree VR photos taken, then this must be stipulated in the quote stage and the appropriate upgrade fee paid. If no discussion has taken place, no 360* VR photography or videos will be taken during the photoshoot.

Any information received by you (the customer) relating to you, will not be sold to third-party providers nor shared with other suppliers unless deemed necessary in order to process a transaction such as getting printed materials produced. Information such as name, delivery address (not PO box) and telephone number is required to be provided to photo-book publishers in order to print and deliver a photo-book. However prior to photo-books being printed, a PDF proof will be emailed to you for final checking to ensure you are happy with the layout.

For further information about privacy, please read my privacy policy.

‘Jade Jackson Photography’ will do their best to work around any severe weather events however if it is deemed necessary to re-schedule a photo-shoot by ‘Jade Jackson Photography’ then there will be no amendment fee. If a photo-shoot is required to be rescheduled by you ‘the customer’ e.g. sickness, then one date change will be permitted without any further charge. At least 12 hours notice is required to change the date of a photoshoot and any new dates will be subject to availability of the photographer.

Any timeframes given are estimates only and are subject to change. I do my best to ensure a quick turnaround however there many factors influencing the turnaround of you receiving your images from a photoshoot and where possible, I will attempt to notify you of any delays. I make no guarantee that printed photo products will arrive by a specified time as they are produced by external companies, however I will keep you informed during the editing and or printing process as to when you should expect everything to be completed and received by, however these dates are subject to change at any time. I appreciate you want to see your images as soon as possible and I will do everything I can to try and ensure that happens.

The best images taken on the photo shoot are stored on a secure webpage via Google Photos and as such are subject to Google’s terms and conditions which can be found here. It is advisable to make back up copies of any images you wish to keep, including those uploaded to Google Photos, to ensure any potential future data loss is kept to a minimum. ‘Jade Jackson Photography’ will do their best to assist you in retrieving images accidentally lost or deleted by you, but will not be held responsible if the images can not be retrieved. The best images of a photo shoot will be kept on an external hard drive, for a period of no more than three months from the date of the photo shoot, then they will be permanently deleted.

Basic editing in any photography package refers to colour correction, lighting, spot blemishes, cropping and converting selected images to black and white. To ensure a quick turn-a-round of images full photoshopping (such as removing people, objects, different backgrounds) is not included in any package. If you require this, please let me know during the initial quote stages. Post photo shoot editing to remove objects, people or include different backgrounds is an additional cost.

If in the extremely unlikely event you are unhappy with some of the images you received, please contact Jade Jackson and attach the specific images you are unhappy with and the reason you are unhappy and I will attempt to rectify the images. However considering I am the harshest critic of my own work, I don’t foresee this situation coming up. I provide the best images from each shoot. There will usually be more images taken on a shoot, than you will receive. This is to be expected.

‘Jade Jackson Photography’ can not be held liable for any personal injury, damage, loss or theft of any property which occurs on any photoshoot. ‘Jade Jackson Photography’ is an experienced, professional and friendly photographer with over 20 years of customer service experience and who understands professionalism above all else. All photoshoots will proceed at a comfort level acceptable to you ‘the customer’. If you feel a pose or location is not quite right, please advise the photographer during the shoot because once a shoot is complete, any re-shoots requested will be subject to an additional fee.

These terms and conditions are subject to change at anytime, without notice and your agreement to proceed with a photo shoot with ‘Jade Jackson Photography’ wether verbal or in writing is deemed as being in agreeance with these terms and conditions.

Jade Jackson Photography is a registered Australian business, ABN: 89174125363. Jade Jackson also has a working with children clearance check: WWC09055902E. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST unless specified otherwise.

Should you have any further questions, then please contact me.


– Last updated 12/02/2018

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If you wish to jump straight to a specific photography page, click on the links below, otherwise read on, to learn about my journey as a photographer and to request a quote.

Ever since I received my first point-and-click camera, at age 11, photography has been a way to express my creativity, and to capture the incredible sights I’ve seen whilst travelling.

Exploring the temples of Angkor Watt, or the multitude of festivals in Japan, I found the automatic camera settings didn’t always work to capture everything, as I saw it, so I learnt, how to capture any scene, in any conditions, because when you’re travelling, the weather isn’t always like it looks on postcards, or in brochures.

Inspired by the images I saw in National Geographic, my holiday photos, usually turned into something that wouldn’t look out of place in a magazine. The idea of becoming a professional photographer came about as friends and colleagues started to steal my photos from facebook to print and frame on their walls, as well as asking me to shoot their important moments in life, like weddings, birthdays, and Christenings.

Learning to photograph in adverse weather conditions, allowed me to see that weather changes everything. You can photograph the same tree, a thousand times, and every photo will look different depending on the light, rain, and cloud coverage.

I never fear taking photos in the rain, I embrace it, because that’s when most photographers pack up their gear and head home.

Photographing the Blue Mountains in fog and mist has become a favourite, as it creates other worlds, bringing new life, to the same scenes. I’ve written a blog post about this, with stunning examples of fog photos.

My images have been used in articles, appeared in exhibitions, in travel and tourism textbooks, brochures and other websites.

As a Blue Mountains Photographer, I know the the places to go without any tourists, to ensure your photos include just you! Whether you’re having a small intimate Blue Mountains Wedding, a lavish affair; or perhaps you’re just after some beautiful portrait shots, making the most of the Blue Mountains scenery.

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