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Ever since I received my first point-and-click camera, at age 11, photography has been a way to express my creativity, and to capture the incredible sights I’ve seen whilst travelling.

Exploring the temples of Angkor Watt, or the multitude of festivals in Japan, I found the automatic camera settings didn’t always work to capture everything, as I saw it, so I learnt, how to capture any scene, in any conditions, because when you’re travelling, the weather isn’t always like it looks on postcards, or in brochures.

Inspired by the images I saw in National Geographic, my holiday photos, usually turned into something that wouldn’t look out of place in a magazine. The idea of becoming a professional photographer came about as friends and colleagues started to steal my photos from facebook to print and frame on their walls, as well as asking me to shoot their important moments in life, like weddings, birthdays, and Christenings.

Learning to photograph in adverse weather conditions, allowed me to see that weather changes everything. You can photograph the same tree, a thousand times, and every photo will look different depending on the light, rain, and cloud coverage.

I never fear taking photos in the rain, I embrace it, because that’s when most photographers pack up their gear and head home.

Photographing the Blue Mountains in fog and mist has become a favourite, as it creates other worlds, bringing new life, to the same scenes. I’ve written a blog post about this, with stunning examples of fog photos.

My images have been used in articles, appeared in exhibitions, in travel and tourism textbooks, brochures and other websites.

As a Blue Mountains Photographer, I know the the places to go without any tourists, to ensure your photos include just you! Whether you’re having a small intimate Blue Mountains Wedding, a lavish affair; or perhaps you’re just after some beautiful portrait shots, making the most of the Blue Mountains scenery.

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