Hello and welcome to the official site of Jade Jackson, host and producer of two podcasts, (Travelosophy and Jade Talks Stuff); freelance travel writer, and also photographer.
Check out my inspirational travel blog to see my photos in action, which is also where I share all my travel knowledge from dedicating a life to travel.

Latest News:

    • I now write for Medium which is a beautiful app, with quality, thoughtful pieces, by talented freelancers the world over. You can find my articles here.
    • You can now purchase any photograph you like on my site as a print, canvas art, metal art, card or wall sticker! Just click ‘buy print’ above each image for a list of prices and options. You can also send a free e-card to your friends, which is an amazing idea, because then they get to see my incredible photos as well. It’s a win-win situation. Check out my shop for more info.
    • My new podcast Jade Talks Stuff is now live on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or you can subscribe here (Bottom of page).
    • I’m now on Patreon which is a platform for fans like you, to show your love of artists and creators like me, whilst giving you access to exclusive content and more of what you love. Check out www.patreon.com/jadejackson to see what’s on offer.
    • My podcast Travelosophy is now live! You can subscribe via iTunes, TuneIn, or Stitcher. If it’s missing from your favourite podcasting app, then flick me an email and I’ll be sure to add it (or check out the podcasts subscribe page. The latest episodes include The addiction of travel, China, budget travel in Japan and Disneyland.
    • I’m currently in the editing phase of my first novel. It’s a complicated travel-love story which has undergone multiple working titles, the most recent being; The Red Sands of Wildness. Stay tuned!
    • I recently had the opportunity to review a remote, off-the-grid tiny house, which was the perfect writers retreat. Without internet or television, I felt compelled to start a new novel, with paper and pen! It’s too early to divulge details yet, but when it grows into something more tangible, I’ll be sure to make an announcement.

My talents are diverse and If you’d like to hire me as a photographer or to produce tantalising copy for your website or brochure, then check out the work with me or my photography pages, and get in touch with your requirements.

Be sure to check out my blog, sharing my travel expertise or my articles of cool stuff to do, on Weekend Notes.