Jade Talks Travel #25 – Road Trip Around Africa

Have you wanted to drive around Africa? In this episode I chat to Dan who has recently completed an epic road trip around the entire African continent!
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Have you always wanted to drive around Africa? Today I chat to Dan who has just completed a three year road trip around the entire African continent! Hear about the wild animal encounters, the incredible foodie experiences and the practical side of how you organise a trip of that magnitude. You can find out more about Dan at www.theroadchoseme.com.

Consider this a bonus episode because I missed one last month. I have lots of fascinating interviews I’ve been busy recording, so expect more amazing podcasts to come. Plus if you love a bargain, then watch this space..

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  1. […] my dream is to do a cross-country road trip of the USA or something like Dan, who drove the entire circumference of Africa! Baby […]


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