Compass – A Stage Play (eBook)

Word candy for your soul. ★★★★★

by cberryrun – May 27, 2014 on iBooks

Compass is a delightful fable in a short and easy to devour screenplay form about love and love lost. Romantic yet childish, this book is sure to enchant. Unlike anything I’ve read or seen before, this unique and most certainly cool book will be on coffee tables before long.

Compass is a Stage Play I wrote in 2007 and then it sat dormant, almost forgotten about until I lost twenty years worth of writing in a house fire in Australia at the start of 2013, (thankfully, I had a copy of my play on a hard drive with me in New Zealand), so before it was lost forever, I self-published Compass through iBooks, Google Play, Amazon Kindle and Kobo.

Never before have words become more precious for me, than those contained, within Compass.

The Idea for Compass came about from the joy that is derived from appreciating the small things in life. Also I loved the idea that the people we meet, often through serendipitous circumstances, may unknowingly; forge a path for us. Often it’s only years later we realise the significance of an encounter.

Compass is the story of Bert and Amelia, childhood friends who enjoy fishing by a lake. One day, they encounter an older guy who tells them that to catch more fish, they should sing to them. They try it and it works which sets sets them on a path of finding joy in the small moments in life. It’s a warm-hearted fantasy tale suitable for a wide audience.

Regardless of how stuck you feel or how horrible things may seem, there’s always small joys to be had and there is beauty to be found all around us, you just have to notice it. I’ve probably read Compass myself at least fifty times in the editing process and still, I get goosebumps at the end, so for an easy-to-read, uplifting and brilliant story, download an e-book version of Compass from:

singing to fishes ★★★★★

by Annddd – Jul 20, 2016 on iBooks

softened and eased my heart. made me cherish the small things in life

I was asked many times about why I didn’t produce it as a play but my interest lies in writing, not in directing a play, so if there are any directors out there who are interesting in putting Compass onto the stage, please contact me.
I’ve also been told I should convert it into a novel, to explain more of the backstory, which may happen, once I finish all the other novels I currently have in the works.

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