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Thank you for visiting the support my Podcast page. Running a website, creating inspiring podcasts (including tracking down interesting people to interview around the world) and providing useful content for my blog, including beautiful images all takes time, but it also costs money. If you love the content I provide, and you’d like to get involved to make sure you keep hearing, seeing, and reading my content, it’s really easy.

Here’s six simple ways you can support me and show your love for the content I provide.

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Patreon is a website allowing readers and listeners to directly contribute to creators to allow them to keep doing what they do best; creating inspiring podcasts, useful travel blogs, and capturing beautiful photographs.
There are different tiers and each one offers exclusive benefits including digital downloads of my photographs (to print at home), additional podcast episodes, mp3 recordings of my poetry, opportunities to appear on my podcast; along with one-off limited edition hand-written content. Head to My Patreon Page to join the club, Keep my podcasts going, and receive some really cool exclusive benefits.

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My play, Compass, which is about finding happiness in the small moments in life; is available in e-book format or as a printed copy. As new books I write are released, they’ll be available on my site, as well as Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play. Check out my shop page for more information.

Hire me as a freelance writer

With over 50,000 readers of my reviews and ‘things to do’ type articles on Weekend Notes, plus thousands more on my travel website; my readers relish being inspired by my factual and tantalising articles, providing all the necessary information to be able to experience it themselves. Utilise my holistic travel experience and knowledge, my exceptional photographic skills, and my creativity to bring life to your blog, website, or travel brochure. Let me know your requirements here.

Hire me as a photographer or buy my limited edition prints

If you’re in Sydney, the Blue Mountains (or you’re willing to fly me to wherever you are), you can hire me to capture your wedding, special event, family portraits or travel photography needs. Check out my photography pages for more detail and to peruse my portfolio. I also have a selection of limited edition prints, available to purchase in my shop.

Some of these images are one-off, never to be captured again because the location or subjects contained within, are no longer there.

Hire me to plan your holiday

I’ve recently launched my travel itinerary planning service. After years of being a travel agent, travelling to almost 60 countries and issuing airline tickets, I have a ton of knowledge useful to anyone wanting to book a trip online. I’ll provide a daily itinerary, suggested activities and all links needed to book your trip, so you can still maintain control over costs, but all the hard work is done for you. You can view a sample itinerary or purchase a pre-planning itinerary for Australia all here.

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Any purchases you make via these links or those found throughout my website, contribute a small commission to me, without any further cost to you. I don’t see any personal details, so all your information is totally secure, all that happens is I get a report of how many people clicked on the links.

If you’re going to buy a book from Book Depository, or subscribe to Apple Music (get three months free trial with unlimited downloads) or book a holiday anyway, have peace of mind knowing you’re directly supporting a creative; whilst buying that thing you’ve always wanted, or booking your weekend getaway.

Can’t afford to buy anything?

If you’re broke and can’t spare a couple of dollars to buy a book, that’s okay, we’ve all been there. You can still support my podcast by simply reading (and ‘liking’, ‘clapping’ or sharing) any of my articles on Medium, Weekend Notes Or HubPages. The more readers my articles receive every month, and the more clicks they get, the more financial support that is provided to the running costs of my podcast, Travelosophy. Read articles about places to go, eat, watch and stuff to do; and personal, curated think-pieces that I publish on Medium.

My website, is also a member of Google Adsense—you might have noticed ads appearing in my blog posts. Retailers bid for ad space on my website, and this real estate space can provide a small fee, which goes directly to supporting the podcast.

Even a small gesture like subscribing to my podcast, to ensure you don’t miss out on future episodes, and leaving a review on your favourite podcasting app,helps other listeners find out about Travelosophy.

If you have any questions about any of these, then please flick me an email Or if you have concerns about your privacy, then check out my privacy policy which can be found here.

I’m not asking you to give up your latte or smashed avocado to support a creative on their path to success, all I’m asking is (okay it would be amazing if you bought my books and honestly they’re incredible reads, but don’t take my word, check the reviews); but mostly it’s just doing what you were probably going to do anyway.

Big thanks in advance, hi-fives, pats on the back, handshakes and hugs in thought,

Thanks so much for listening to Travelosophy, reading my blog, sharing my articles, liking my photographs on instagram, and your positivity, and thank you even more for your financial support.

It literally means the world to me.


Jade Jackson
Travel Writer | Podcaster | Photographer