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Jade Talks Travel
Jade Talks Cheap Flights
Jade Talks Stuff

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Jade Talks Travel

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Jade Talks Travel Podcast, Cheap flights and off the beaten track destinations for the independent traveller, hosted by Jade Jackson
Jade Talks Travel Podcast, hosted by travel expert Jade Jackson, Travel Writer|Podcaster, Photographer

Jade Talks Travel Podcast

Hello and thanks for checking out Jade Talks Travel – a podcast about all things travel.

My life has inadvertently been filled with travel. At 11 years old, my mum took me backpacking for a year through Asia and Europe. This ignited in me the idea that travel was life. I’ve since explored 55+ countries (and counting) and spent years searching for the ultimate job, that would pay me to travel.

As a result I’ve managed travel agents, been a tour guide, worked on a cruise ship, sold rental cars, taught travel and tourism, taught English in Japan, performed sales and marketing for iconic tourism businesses in New Zealand and am now a freelance writer, podcaster and photographer.

So the aim of my podcast is to share years of knowledge, lessons from the road, and I also interview industry experts with the ultimate aim of inspiring everyone who listens to get out there to travel and see the world. For those interested in working in the travel industry I also dedicate episodes on how to get into specific travel related jobs.

Travel isn’t just about ticking boxes and getting likes on Instagram. It’s learning about the world, seeing how other cultures do stuff and passing that knowledge on back home. It reduces material desires, removes prejudices, and increases tolerance. Most importantly, travel changes people.

The easiest way to change the world, is for everyone to experience everything the world has to offer. To see firsthand what poverty looks like, what climate change looks like, what effects mass consumerism have on other people and the planet. Sure travel is fun, exhilarating and can be inwardly life changing. But the more people travel, the more they see what the world is really like.

Of course there’s plenty of entertaining stories, many of which proved to be important lessons in life. If you travel, send me a postcard (head to my website) and I’ll read it out on air. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss out on future episodes. Thanks for listening to Jade Talks Travel with Jade Jackson. This podcast may contain adult themes.

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Jade Talks Travel
Jade Talks Travel
Jade Jackson

Jade Talks Travel

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Cheap Flights by Jade
Jade Talks Cheap Flights

Jade Talks Cheap Flights

As an ex-Travel Agent, Airline Ticketing Consultant and Teacher of Travel, including IATA Airfares and Ticketing, I have in-depth knowledge of airfares, and a knack for finding cheap flights.

In my podcast, Jade Talks Cheap Flights I mention cheap flights I’ve found, available to book, including dates or periods you can find the cheap flights, along with direct links to book them online.

Amongst them there’ll be mentions of airline sales and any other important information related to finding and booking cheap flights, but mostly it’s just cheap flights, available to book.

All deals published were available at the time of posting, so if you see something you like, Book It, or Miss Out.

Follow me on twitter @cheapflightjade or on Facebook at Jade Talks Travel.

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Jade Talks Cheap Flights
Jade Talks Cheap Flights
Jade Jackson

Cheap Flights, Published Frequently. Book Now or Miss Out!

Jade Talks Stuff

Jade Talks Stuff is a fun, educational podcast about anything and everything. Due to an addiction to news, I’ve amassed huge amounts of random facts ranging from sharks to earthquakes to the brain and Fast and the Furious movies.

I also interview interesting individuals that have specialized knowledge in a particular topic, relevant to an episode.

Each episode will focus on a particular topic with the aim for listeners to learn something new, that may come in handy in a pub quiz someday, (or possibly never at all, but you can sleep soundly knowing you know).

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Jade Talks Stuff
Jade Talks Stuff
Jade Jackson

Jade Talks Stuff is an educational podcast about anything and everything.

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Thanks for reading!
Happy travels
Jade Jackson – Listen to my podcast Jade Talks Travel
Travel Writer | Podcaster | Photographer

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