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drunk love sober death cover

Drunk Love Sober Death

A collection of poetry, songs, and micro stories; split into two books. Featuring poems written before and after removing alcohol, plus dealing with death and grief and falling in love, or trying to find it. It’s a journey, that will leave you laughing, crying and pondering everything you hold dear in life. Available in eBook and Print edition. Coming soon, audio edition.

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A Stage Play

Compass is an easy read about the meaning of life. You’ll encounter universal themes of love, missed opportunities and appreciating the small things in life. An important read that will leave you thinking long afterwards. Available in eBook and coming soon, print edition.

The 69 Encounters of Alice Kant

The 69 Encounters of Alice Kant

A novella of self-discovery, relationships and new beginnings. Rated R for whatever you think it stands for. Available in eBook edition.

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