Travelosophy #11 – Travel To The North Pole Next Christmas

Add a Destination Christmas to your traditions for a more relaxing day and to bring back the magic.


Next Christmas, travel to the North Pole to Visit Santa Claus! In this episode you’ll hear about my first white Christmas in Rovaniemi, Finland, visiting Santa (above the Arctic Circle which is the same as the North Pole to a child). Along with a Christmas on a cruise ship, and a magical Christmas in New York, which is exactly as you’ve seen in every Christmas movie. A destination Christmas is far more relaxing plus you can give experience gifts like jet boating in New Zealand, a broadway musical in New York, or a snorkeling tour if you’re on a cruise. Thus ensuring your Christmas has lasting memories. With limited luggage on flights, it also means your Christmas will become less about the gifts, and more about spending time together.
Make it part of your new Christmas traditions.

Further to this podcast episode, I’ve written an article featuring, Alternative Christmas Traditions to add to your family repertoire; some of which cost nothing.

If you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas and only have a budget of $5, then here’s your shopping list; Christmas gifts for under $5.

You can find info visiting Santa in Rovaniemi (Finland) here. If you’re interested in, A New York Christmas, then read my Christmas in New York article. If you head to New York, Cheap Broadway Theatre Tickets, make a great Christmas gift. I’ve also compared all the New York attraction passes, which also make easy gifts. If you head to New Zealand for Christmas, then you must check out Cape Palliser, it’s my favourite place.

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