Jade Talks Clouds

When your feeling blue, look up, and be awestruck by the beauty found in clouds.

In Jade Talks Clouds, you’ll hear be inspired to look up, and admire the beauty of clouds. You’ll learn the basic cloud types, and more importantly why you should add cloud spotting to your hobby repertoire. Regardless of where you are, who you are, or your political stance, clouds are above it all, free for anyone to admire. Without clouds the world would be a sad and unhappy place. There’d be less marriage proposals, art, poetry or songs. In a world where nothing is free, clouds are beyond corporations, unable to be tamed; their wildness gives us hope, that freedom from societal binds, is not only possible, it’s available for everyone. Next time you’re outside, or near a window, look up and be spellbound. If you love this podcast, please tell your friends and leave a review on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting app. If you love travel, then you’ll adore my other podcast, Travelosophy which features life lessons learnt from travel. If you have comments, or you’d like to say hi, please tweet me at jadekinsjackson. Be sure to check out my blog post on clouds which features some awesome cloud photos, taken by me. Thanks for listening!

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