Jade Talks Sharks

Overcome your fear of sharks by listening to this episode of Jade Talks Stuff.

In the first episode of my new podcast Jade Talks Stuff, I talk sharks.
It’s time to overcome our hysteria and unsubstantiated fear of sharks, and instead show them the protection that is deserved and needed. Just because they don’t have the cute and cuddly factor (although anyone who’s ever seen a zebra shark or a tawny nurse shark might agree they fit that category). Every year sharks are slautered in the millions for their fins alone, and their numbers are being decimated. Contrary to popular opinion, sharks are not out to eat people. In fact it’s people that kill way more sharks, needlessly and it’s destroying ocean eco-systems. I’ve been fascinated about sharks since I was a kid, and with knowledge, fear dissapears. In this episode you’ll hear why sharks are fascinating, my personal experiences diving with them around the world, and why they should be respected, and protected. If you have comments feel free to tweet me @jadekinsjackson. If you want exclusive content, including bonus podcast episodes then head to my Patreon Page. Thanks for listening, if you love travel, check out my other podcast, Travelosophy. Thanks for listening.

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