Jade Talks Travel #13 – The Lure of Islands and Cape Palliser

Hear two travel articles, written and read by Jade Jackson, featuring the Lure of Islands and Cape Palliser.
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Like poetry, a well written travel article, should be read aloud, allowing you to feel the salty ocean breeze as it whispers seductively in your ear. In this episode you can hear me reading two of my favourite travel articles; The Lure of Islands which divulges why islands are the ultimate escape, and how to live on one, and I also read an article about Cape Palliser—a rugged and wild stretch of land, at the bottom of the North Island in New Zealand. Both of these articles were written by me and whilst they are inspirational, they’re also beautiful to listen to. It sounds weird, it’s not like all the other episodes, but I think it works.

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If you wish to read the original articles, which include photos, here’s The Lure of Islands, and here’s Cape Palliser.

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