Travelosophy #2 – Snorkelling and Diving in Niue Island

In Travelosophy Episode 2, I take you to Niue, a tiny rock, in the Pacific Ocean, famous for diving, humpback whales, and I almost died there, 3 times!

Head to the South Pacific island of Niue. A small rock famous for it’s clear visibility, when snorkelling and diving. It’s also where I nearly died, three times (though once was merely from embarrassment). Be entertained by my misadventures and life-lessons learnt in Niue. Whether you’re an avid adventurer of the mind, or a regular traveller, be transported to other countries and get inspired. Of course if you loved the podcast, then please tell your friends to subscribe. You can also tweet me @jadekinsjackson or follow me on instagram @jadekinsjackson.Thanks for listening!

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