Sorry for the lack of travel deals updates yesterday and today, lightening struck my house and fired everything!

Hi All, just wanted to write a quick sorry for the lack of travel deals updates the past 2 days. My house suffered a direct lightening bolt hit on Sunday which fried everything important – modem, Mac-mini, backup hard drives – everything kaput!

Thankfully my sister’s laptop wasn’t plugged in so I’ve borrowed it to work off, and am currently hot spotting off my phone which is okay for an emergency post like this one, but not reliable for multiple posts.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet 😄 but if you’re desperate for a hit, you can search flights to anywhere here or browse some deals here.

There’s also last minute flights, and be sure to hone up your flight booking credentials with the following posts:

If you haven’t already, then why not take the time to catch up on some of my podcast episodes from Jade Talks Travel and Jade Talks Stuff.

Of course, if you’re looking for something awesome to read, you can always download a copy of my 5-star rated novella, Compass.

Thanks again for your support and I’ll hopefully sort out the modem issue today so I can be up and running later tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!
Happy travels
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