Where To Travel In 2020

International travel may not be possible but that doesn’t mean travel is dead.

This mornings announcement by Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce that they are grounding their long haul fleet and axing 6000 jobs created certainty that international travel, is off the cards for the immediate future.

But that doesn’t mean travel is dead. Far from it.

Over 200 years ago, the first leisure travellers headed to beaches and resorts accessible by train or coach and now we face a reminder of why we travel – to explore somewhere different.

It may be warmer weather, different food, wilderness or to visit friends in remote locations but we don’t have to travel internationally to explore somewhere new.

After years of travelling the globe and racking up passport stamps, I’ve found exploring home, can often result in unexpected surprises. Like discovering random museums (Mad Max 2 Museum in Silverton, NSW) to outstanding cheesecakes (from Amber’s Sweet Bliss in Nhill, Victoria) to finding yourself the only tourist on a cliff top to admire the view (Blue Mountains, NSW).

Exploring your own backyard has a multitude of benefits:

  • No jetlag
  • No language or communication problems

I know I’ve been quiet lately, a combination of being sick and waiting to hear what direction the travel industry was going before promoting destinations, but now that it’s clear, domestic travel is the way to go, for the next year at least then I can get back to producing more of the content you love.

However, I have been busy during the lockdown, and you can expect an exciting announcement in the coming days!

I’m also compiling the best domestic road trips in Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand, however until then, search for cheap domestic flights here, Book your stay here or get up to $31* off your stay and experience booking with Airbnb!

*$10 off a home booking, $21 off an experience booking.

Thanks for reading, wash your hands, support local artists and businesses and happy domestic travels!

Thanks for reading!
Happy travels
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