USA to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands fr $173**

Go snorkelling with turtles in St Thomas, then stock up on diamonds!
Roundtrip flights fr $173 including tax!
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Book cheap flights to the Virgin Islands

Fly to the U.S. Virgin Islands with these cheap flights from Jetblue & American Airlines. Depart from New York, Boston & New York between February to March 2020 with checked-in bags additional.

I have fond memories of St Thomas. You can snorkel with turtles, there’s cheap diamonds, gemstones and jewellery – so cheap they give them away for FREE! I got a free 1ct sapphire plus some charms. It’s a tax-free haven so a good place to stock up on sneakers at Footlocker and it has beautiful architecture. Definitely a great place for a long weekend.

Read about how tax havens like St Thomas are popular with wealthy people.

**This deal has now ended**

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