TYO RTN Fr $573** Full Service

Take off to Tokyo with cheap fully inclusive fares fr $573 return!

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Make Autumn in Japan with these cheap fares from Malaysia Airlines! Travel during September – November 2019 and February/March 2020.
Full service – All bags and meals included!

**This sale has ended** however you can still find other cheap flights here.

Tickets 728*90

Japan is often seen as an expensive destination for tourists, but it doesn’t have to be. Listen to my podcast episode about travelling Japan on a budget and tips about speaking Japanese, from a Professor of Linguistics in Osaka!

$573 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

02/Sep20/Sep$573View Flight
09/Sep23/Sep$573View Flight
09/Sep22/Sep$573View Flight
10/Sep23/Sep$573View Flight
02/Sep22/Sep$573View Flight
02/Sep23/Sep$573View Flight
09/Sep20/Sep$573View Flight
09/Sep24/Sep$581View Flight
02/Sep16/Sep$581View Flight
09/Sep21/Sep$581View Flight
Rest 300*600

$582 Return Perth to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

10/Oct21/Oct$582View Flight
10/Oct20/Oct$582View Flight
08/Oct18/Oct$582View Flight
10/Oct19/Oct$582View Flight
09/Oct18/Oct$582View Flight
31/Oct08/Nov$582View Flight
03/Oct11/Oct$582View Flight
10/Oct18/Oct$582View Flight
17/Oct25/Oct$582View Flight
24/Oct01/Nov$582View Flight
Getaway to Tokyo

$596 Return Adelaide to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

10/Oct24/Oct$596View Flight
17/Oct31/Oct$596View Flight
12/Sep03/Oct$596View Flight
10/Oct31/Oct$596View Flight
10/Sep03/Oct$596View Flight
17/Oct24/Oct$596View Flight
12/Sep01/Oct$622View Flight
12/Sep02/Oct$622View Flight
10/Sep01/Oct$622View Flight
23/Feb03/Mar$640View Flight
T&A 728*90

$613 Return Brisbane to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

26/Feb13/Mar$613View Flight
30/Jan16/Feb$613View Flight
06/Feb23/Feb$613View Flight
20/Feb06/Mar$613View Flight
27/Feb13/Mar$613View Flight
05/Feb23/Feb$613View Flight
24/Feb13/Mar$613View Flight
06/Feb25/Feb$613View Flight
27/Feb11/Mar$613View Flight
06/Feb26/Feb$613View Flight
Getaway to Tokyo

$615 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

03/Oct22/Oct$615View Flight
20/Feb10/Mar$615View Flight
02/Oct22/Oct$615View Flight
11/Sep01/Oct$615View Flight
19/Feb10/Mar$615View Flight
01/Oct22/Oct$615View Flight
04/Feb25/Feb$615View Flight
11/Feb03/Mar$615View Flight
18/Feb10/Mar$615View Flight
17/Feb10/Mar$615View Flight
T&A 300*250

Flights to Tokyo Your departure city wasn’t included? Click to see the prices we have found from your city to Tokyo

Need a Japan Rail Pass?
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Tokyo Hotels Get a great deal on a room in Tokyo

Find out how to get discounted Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea Tickets

All flights are with Malaysia Airlines and involve layovers in Kuala Lumpur in both directions. Most of these are brief but some may be longer, so take the opportunity to get out of the airport and explore the city – Australian passport holders don’t need a visa to visit Malaysia.
Can I use my own dates? Yes – just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.
These prices won’t last long. Usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

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