Travelosophy #7 – Philippines

You can’t argue with a tourism slogan like “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.”

If you’re wanting a tropical holiday with incredible snorkeling (turtles and whale sharks), perfect white-sand beaches, cheap relaxing massages, and mouth-watering delicious food but without the hoards of tourists of Thailand or Bali; then head to the Philippines. In my latest episode of Travelosophy, hear how despite exhaustion I ended up with one of my favorite photos, how things we do at home can offer a different experience in another country and the curious creature—the tarsier, that commits suicide in captivity!

To read my article about snorkelling with the whale sharks of Oslob, click here, or to find out more information on the Tarsier Sanctuary of Bohol, click here.

For more detailed information about the Philippines, including photographs then head to my Philippines blog post here.

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