Travelosophy #8 – Road Trip to Nhill and Hanging Rock, Victoria

Hear how a visit to a tiny town in regional Victoria resulted in new found relatives!

Take a road trip to Nhill and Hanging Rock, in regional Victoria. In this episode of Travelosophy, I share some family secrets discovered on a trip to Nhill. My grandmother grew up on a farm there, and I met two cousins I had no idea existed! Most visitors to Victoria head to the Great Ocean Road and Philip Island, but you know I don’t go where the tourist hoards go, instead, I chat about the spooky and creepy monolithic, Hanging Rock—which is the setting for the book, tv show, and movie about a bunch of boarding school girls that go missing. If you love Travelosophy, please leave a review on iTunes or your favourite podcasting app. Check out my other podcast, Jade Talks Stuff, full of random and interesting topics. Check out my travel photos for sale on my website, and if you’d like bonus episodes, and exclusive downloads, then head to Tweet me @jadekinsjackson or send me a message on facebook @travelosophypodcast and most of all, thanks for listening!

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