Travelosophy #3 – New Zealand Road Trips – Cape Palliser & The Forgotten World Highway

There’s no better escape than a remote road trip in New Zealand, on empty roads, surrounded by ancient ferns.

If you love travel, then you’ll adore my podcast, Travelosophy – Life Lessons Learnt from Travel. In episode #3, Travel to New Zealand with some of the most spectacular, remote drives on Earth. Hear how a single photo changed my life, and I interview Lee, originally from England, but who now resides in NZ and thinks it’s the greatest country in the world.

You can find some of my Forgotten World Highway photos in my detailed article on Medium. To see why Cape Palliser is so magical, check out my photos in my Cape Palliser blog post.

Travelosophy is a monthly podcast featuring entertaining and uplifting travel stories, some philosophical, all true which turned out to be important lessons in life. I’ve spent years searching for the ultimate job that would pay me to travel, resulting in a life inadvertently filled with travel. Hear about the good, the bad, and the ludicrous. There’ll also be interviews with other travellers, and if you have a true life lesson, learnt from travel then head to my website.

Whether you’re an avid adventurer of the mind, or a regular traveller, be transported to other countries and get inspired, whilst It’s never been cheaper to travel than now and as a result, more people are heading overseas and experiencing different cultures which is fantastic, but with Instagram influencing where people travel to, a lot of travelers have become more concerned with the photo they take, rather than the locals they meet, or the experience of being in another country.

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