Tourist-Free Travel Ideas

Want to escape to a place with no other tourists? Yeah, me too. Here’s my bucket list dream vacation ideas.

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There’s nothing worse than travelling somewhere, you’ve always wanted to visit, only to find it’s full of tourists. I’ve had that experience many times including in the Bahamas – I couldn’t see the sand because there was so many tourists from cruise ships.

I had a similar experience in Venice, Italy – again it was mostly cruise ship passengers who filled laneways to capacity as they stopped to take photos, unaware that others may wish to walk past.

Then, when I was in Dubai, on a desert tour. I was expecting peace and quiet, until we drove over a hill and there was like 80 or 100 other vehicles, each with six passengers totalling hundreds of other tourists.

Which got me thinking, how can you ensure, your holiday is void of tourists? (and yes I’m completely aware of the irony of that statement, especially considering in each case, I too was a tourist). So I came up with a couple of ideas for my next dream vacation which hopefully will ensure, I get the peace and quiet I desire and which may inspire you too!



I recently edited an article for a freelance client about sailing in Fiji and it sounded like the perfect holiday. Quietly sailing remote islands, snorkelling on deserted pristine reefs, freshly caught fish for a barbecue lunch, then laying back on the deck at night to watch the stars. I’ve just added a book your cruise page because it’s now on my bucket list.


Beachside Cottage

Ever since I stayed at King Island, I am constantly fantasising of a cottage, overlooking the ocean, away from the tourist crowds where I can sit and write (and podcast). I may have just found that in Tasmania; A cute little cottage with a balcony overlooking a deserted beach. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

View from Long Point Break Cottage in Tasmania.

Route 50 Road Trip USA

I first heard about Route 50 from a random Facebook post stating that it was the loneliest road in America. Considering Route 66 has mostly been abandoned (based on a documentary I saw), literally no one must be using Route 50. A scary but also equally exciting prospect. A road trip with no other cars sounds like a perfect holiday to me.

Motorcycle Road Trip South America

My first taste of actual freedom was getting my motorcycle licence. I loved my red SYM scooter, and still remember the look of disdain I received when I overtook a Harley Davidson on the freeway. Whenever I travel I rent a bike at every opportunity because it’s cheaper than a car, you can get off the beaten track, and it feels fantastic having the wind blow through your hair as your tear down an empty, open road. Since watching the Motorcycle Diaries (and subsequently the Long Way Down), I’ve often fantasied about doing a long road trip of South America, and (having recently watched, The Lighthouse of the Orcas on Netflix), I would love to explore the remote coastlines of Chile and Argentina by motorcycle.


The Van Gogh Route

The last time I travelled extensively with my family in Europe, mum and I visited a number of famous sites that Vincent Van Gogh had lived including Arles, Auvers-Sur-Oise and Paris. However there is now an extensive website with detailed locations of everywhere he lived in the Netherlands, France and Belgium.

I would love to get off the beaten track, visiting tiny villages of historic importance and write and photograph everywhere he sketched and painted. He travelled mostly by train and based on my experience, Europe by rail is greater than flying. Usually I’d get a Eurail Pass, but the few locations I’ve searched, don’t seem that expensive if you book in advance. Has anyone just booked point to point tickets instead of a pass? Contact me.

EN - 728x90


Ever since my Apple TV began streaming images of an iceberg filled bay in Greenland, I’ve become obsessed with going there. It looks so quiet, and beautiful. Plus it’s so expensive and difficult to get to, there just can’t be too many tourists, especially if Tony Wheeler (creator of Lonely Planet travel guides) hasn’t even been there yet. I googled jobs in Greenland, just in case and there is a nice hotel there with conference facilities, so you never know, it could become a reality. I’m still surprised (well not really) that you have to fly via Copenhagen, Denmark to get to Greenland, I thought there would be a ferry or something from Nova Scotia.

Where would you recommend to visit that is tourist-free? Comment below with your suggestions or contact me.

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