The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Read the book, The Call of the Wild, before seeing the movie.
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Read the Call of the Wild, See the Movie, with Harrison Ford, then have your own Alaskan Wilderness Experience!

Jack London’s The Call of the Wild book about a dog, stolen from its comfortable life, forced to fend for itself in the Alaskan wilderness, before finally befriending a new master, John has been made into a movie, starring Harrison Ford.

If you want to have a refresh read of the classic book, before seeing the movie, it’s currently on sale for US$3.65/AUD5.44/£2.80/€3.37 including Free worldwide shipping!

It’s a class tale of humans and pet dogs that has wowed audiences for decades. Read it now before seeing the movie.

Watch the Call of the Wild movie now!

Watch the trailer to The Call of the Wild

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