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Shanghai Disneyland, Disneyland, Disneyworld, Walt Disney. Image by Jade Jackson.

Australia to Shanghai $583 or San Francisco $857**

You to could be the happiest kid in the world at Shanghai Disneyland or chowing down on seafood chowder at the Sourdough Bakery, a great place to meet your friends* *Long story, I'll tell it in my podcast. #jadetalkstravel #Shanghai #disneyland #sanfrancisco #usa #china #fly #flying #travel #cheapflights

Jade Talks Travel #4 – Travel China Independantly (without a tour)

Travel around China, independently, without a tour venturing out of the big tourist cities to really explore China in this podcast episode of Jade Talks Travel. #jadetalkstravel #china

Travel China Independantly

Want to travel China independently but don’t speak Chinese? With a little planning you can easily travel around China without a tour.