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Poem by Jade Jackson from the book Drunk Love Sober Death

‘Your Lover’ Poem Read Aloud by Prudence Q, from the book, Drunk Love Sober Death

A poem titled 'Your Lover' from Drunk Love Sober Death read out by Prudence Q. If the embedded instagram video doesn't work, you can watch the video here. View this post on Instagram Get your a ‘Drunk Love Sober Death’ poem book by Jade Jackson and the official t-shirt and other merchandise from http://www.bit.ly/DLSDPRU or ...

drunk love sober death book cover with blue pink yellow and black stripes by Jade Jackson

Drunk Love Sober Death Available Now

A captivating collection of poems influenced by being drunk, being in love, becoming sober, and dealing with death and grief; though not necessarily all at the same time. #drunklovesoberdeath #jadejackson #poetry #poem #booklaunch #published #dlsd