Seeking Podcast Guests

Jade Talks Travel is looking for podcast guests for 2020! Got a cool travel story to tell? Get in touch!

If you’ve traveled recently, and have some great stories to tell and knowledge to share, get in touch!

I’m looking for podcast guests for Jade Talks Travel.

Listen to my recent episode about Vietnam

I know I haven’t been as regular with the show as I’d like, but next year I’ll be setting a schedule and sticking to it, no matter what and so I need a lot more content.

I do have several podcast guests lined up but tracking them down in different countries and timezones is proving more difficult than I first thought, and I’m always open to new guests.

If you have any of the following experience (not limited to but what I’d like to cover):

  • Travel around Central Asia – All the ‘Stans’ – I’ve not yet been and want to for my next trip
  • Travel around Middle East
  • Travel Around Southern Africa – Especially if you’ve done shark diving
  • Diving/snorkelling experiences
  • Being a tourist in your own city – Even if you haven’t travelled elsewhere, what things should a tourist do in your city – ANYWHERE!
  • Volunteer travel
  • Working in hotels/resorts, flight attendant, cruise/Private yacht charters, Airports, Theme Parks, travel agents
  • Working abroad – teaching English, digital nomad, long term travel/work options
  • Experiences
    – Places you’ve been that you felt were destroyed by tourism
    – Places you’ve been that could benefit from tourism
    – Places you’ve been that tourists don’t get but locals do
    – Best local food experiences – The hidden restaurants where Nonna still cooks all the food, the food that taste amazing even if it’s not insta famous food
    – Travel with kids from babies to teens – Things they loved, places they enjoyed, tips and lifesavers
  • Books or movies that inspired you to travel – did you go? Was it like the book?
  • Long Distance Romance with a happy ever after
  • Travel Partners – Horror stories
  • Stories
    – A local saved me
    – Travel Insurance saved me
    – I got lost and found….
    – I missed my flight/bus/train and….
    – I travelled on X budget a day (shoestring travel)
    – Online travel bookings – good/bad/recommendations
    – Wildlife stories
  • Anything else – got a cool story to share, get in touch.

Submit your travel story brief here.

All podcast chats will be recorded via Skype (or similar) with audio only, not video. If you prefer to just submit a story, feel free to send me a voicemail message via:
Whatsapp username: jadekinsjackson or contact me for number
Send me an email

Please remember I’m in Sydney time zone (GMT + 11/PT + 19/EST + 16) so no random calls at 3am!

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Thanks for reading!
Happy travels
Jade Jackson – Listen to my podcast Jade Talks Travel
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