San Fran on Sale Fr $869** with Qantas!

Big sale, cheap flights, USA, full service flights, earn points even – hop to it.

Qantas is having a sale on flights to San Francisco, USA.
Travel in Oct – Dec/19 and Feb – May/20.
Qantas is full service so bags, Meals and inflight entertainment are included.

**This deal has ended** but other amazing deals are still available.

Need different dates? Just click on the ‘Australian city to San Francisco’ Flights links above each table, plenty of dates available.

$869 Return Melbourne to San Francisco Flights.

10/Feb25/Feb$869View Flight
10/Feb03/Mar$869View Flight
10/Feb10/Mar$869View Flight
13/Feb01/Mar$871View Flight
07/May31/May$871View Flight
13/Nov01/Dec$874View Flight
30/Oct18/Nov$874View Flight
06/Nov27/Nov$874View Flight
27/Apr17/May$876View Flight
13/Nov04/Dec$876View Flight
20/Nov08/Dec$876View Flight
14/Nov01/Dec$876View Flight
10/Feb02/Mar$877View Flight
09/Mar30/Mar$877View Flight
12/Nov01/Dec$878View Flight
08/Oct27/Oct$878View Flight
11/Feb03/Mar$882View Flight
25/Feb17/Mar$882View Flight
03/Mar24/Mar$882View Flight
18/Feb10/Mar$882View Flight

$881 Return Brisbane to San Francisco Flights.

12/Mar29/Mar$881View Flight
19/Mar05/Apr$882View Flight
30/Apr17/May$882View Flight
11/Feb01/Mar$882View Flight
13/Feb03/Mar$882View Flight
18/Feb08/Mar$882View Flight
25/Feb15/Mar$882View Flight
27/Feb17/Mar$882View Flight
10/Mar29/Mar$882View Flight
28/Apr17/May$882View Flight
05/May24/May$882View Flight
12/May31/May$882View Flight
10/Mar31/Mar$882View Flight
17/Mar29/Mar$882View Flight
03/Mar23/Mar$910View Flight
29/Apr17/May$915View Flight
05/Feb23/Feb$915View Flight
27/Apr17/May$915View Flight
18/Mar07/Apr$916View Flight
16/Mar29/Mar$919View Flight

$914 Return Sydney to San Francisco Flights.

09/Oct27/Oct$914View Flight
16/Oct03/Nov$914View Flight
24/Oct11/Nov$914View Flight
07/Nov25/Nov$914View Flight
05/Feb23/Feb$914View Flight
15/Oct03/Nov$914View Flight
06/Nov25/Nov$914View Flight
05/Nov25/Nov$914View Flight
31/Oct18/Nov$914View Flight
13/Nov01/Dec$914View Flight
13/Feb01/Mar$914View Flight
14/May24/May$917View Flight
26/Aug02/Sep$924View Flight
12/May26/May$933View Flight
29/Aug15/Sep$933View Flight
30/Apr17/May$933View Flight
05/Sep23/Sep$933View Flight
20/Nov08/Dec$933View Flight
30/Jan17/Feb$933View Flight
13/Feb02/Mar$933View Flight

$989 Return Perth to San Francisco Flights.

13/Nov01/Dec$989View Flight
20/Nov08/Dec$989View Flight
14/Nov08/Dec$989View Flight
13/Nov08/Dec$989View Flight
27/Apr17/May$1000View Flight
06/Nov27/Nov$1003View Flight
19/Nov08/Dec$1003View Flight
18/Nov08/Dec$1003View Flight
17/Nov08/Dec$1003View Flight
10/Feb25/Feb$1011View Flight
10/Feb03/Mar$1011View Flight
10/Feb10/Mar$1011View Flight
05/Feb23/Feb$1012View Flight
22/Jan09/Feb$1012View Flight
29/Jan16/Feb$1012View Flight
26/Feb15/Mar$1012View Flight
12/Feb01/Mar$1012View Flight
29/Apr17/May$1014View Flight
30/Oct18/Nov$1017View Flight
13/Nov02/Dec$1017View Flight

$1004 Return Adelaide to San Francisco Flights.

13/Nov01/Dec$1004View Flight
20/Nov08/Dec$1004View Flight
14/Nov08/Dec$1004View Flight
13/Nov08/Dec$1004View Flight
19/Feb08/Mar$1006View Flight
10/Feb25/Feb$1013View Flight
22/Jan09/Feb$1013View Flight
29/Jan16/Feb$1013View Flight
05/Feb23/Feb$1013View Flight
12/Feb01/Mar$1013View Flight
26/Feb15/Mar$1013View Flight
27/Apr17/May$1013View Flight
10/Feb03/Mar$1013View Flight
10/Feb10/Mar$1013View Flight
11/Mar29/Mar$1015View Flight
27/May16/Jun$1015View Flight
19/Nov08/Dec$1018View Flight
30/Oct18/Nov$1018View Flight
13/Nov02/Dec$1018View Flight
18/Nov08/Dec$1018View Flight

$1024 Return Canberra to San Francisco Flights.

14/Nov01/Dec$1024View Flight
09/Mar30/Mar$1024View Flight
10/Feb02/Mar$1024View Flight
10/Feb25/Feb$1033View Flight
27/Apr17/May$1033View Flight
10/Feb03/Mar$1033View Flight
10/Feb10/Mar$1033View Flight
13/Nov01/Dec$1038View Flight
20/Nov08/Dec$1038View Flight
12/Nov01/Dec$1038View Flight
08/Oct27/Oct$1038View Flight
06/Nov27/Nov$1038View Flight
13/Nov04/Dec$1038View Flight
13/Feb01/Mar$1042View Flight
18/Feb10/Mar$1042View Flight
11/Feb03/Mar$1042View Flight
25/Feb17/Mar$1042View Flight
03/Mar24/Mar$1042View Flight
07/May31/May$1042View Flight
30/Oct18/Nov$1053View Flight

$1090 Return Hobart to San Francisco Flights.

14/Nov01/Dec$1090View Flight
09/Mar30/Mar$1090View Flight
10/Feb02/Mar$1090View Flight
13/Nov04/Dec$1090View Flight
10/Feb25/Feb$1102View Flight
27/Apr17/May$1102View Flight
10/Feb03/Mar$1102View Flight
20/Nov08/Dec$1104View Flight
30/Oct18/Nov$1104View Flight
06/Nov27/Nov$1104View Flight
08/Oct27/Oct$1107View Flight
12/Nov01/Dec$1107View Flight
10/Feb10/Mar$1110View Flight
11/Feb03/Mar$1114View Flight
25/Feb17/Mar$1114View Flight
13/Feb01/Mar$1116View Flight
18/Feb10/Mar$1122View Flight
03/Mar24/Mar$1150View Flight
07/May31/May$1164View Flight
11/Dec04/Jan$1914View Flight

$1115 Return Gold Coast to San Francisco Flights.

20/Nov08/Dec$1115View Flight
17/Mar29/Mar$1118View Flight
23/Aug14/Sep$1313View Flight

Flights to San Francisco Your departure city wasn’t included? Click to see the prices we have found from your city to San Francisco

Need flights elsewhere in the USA? read more about why flying in America is complicated and how to score the cheapest flights in America.

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Can I use my own dates? Yes – just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed. These prices won’t last long. Usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

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