Jade Talks Stuff Podcast

Welcome to my new podcast, Jade Talks Stuff.
In this exciting podcast I unleash a plethora of useful and fascinating information on any topic, ranging from sharks to brains to Middle Eastern Food. Anything and everything is on the cards.

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I felt compelled to start this podcast after realising that still, in 2018, there is mass hysteria about sharks, and this disheartened me because sharks are not only crucial to ocean ecosystems, they are in immense danger, many species are close to extinction and with the upcoming movie ‘The Meg’ about the supposed reemergence of a megalodon—the largest shark to ever exist; it seemed the perfect time to share all the shark knowledge I’ve gained since childhood from books, live talks and dozens of documentaries.

If you have a suggestion for a topic, then please tweet me @jadekinsjackson.