Jade Talks Water

Water is essential to life, but how many know where tapwater comes from or how much water it takes to create a bottle of water?

In Jade Talks Water, hear about some of the scary ways that water is being stolen, and the impact of an event last century that is only being realised now which could lead to the start of global water wars. In most modern cities, we don’t think twice about turning on a tap, and having 24 hour access to water, but how many think about where it comes from or how much there is in storage. As climate change modifies our rainfall patterns, it’s no longer a luxury to presume water will always be there and bottled water is setting up a future, of corporations controlling local water supplies. A scary thought. Make sure you subscribe so you can catch past episodes and to ensure you don’t miss future episodes. If you love it, please leave a review on apple podcasts or your favourite podcasting app. If you have comments you can tweet me @jadekinsjackson and if you’d like exclusive content then head to my patreon page @patreon.com/jadejackson. Thanks for listening to Jade Talks Stuff.

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