I produce and host two podcasts:

  • If you love travel, then you’ll adore my podcast, TravelosophyLife Lessons Learnt from Travel.
  • If you’re curious about stuff, and want to know about such diverse topics as sharks, the brain, or clouds then Jade Talks Stuff is exactly that. My interests are varied, and I’m obsessed with news, which means I’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge about random topics, and Jade Talks Stuff is an opportunity to share those.
  • Travelosophy is a podcast featuring entertaining and uplifting travel stories, some philosophical, all true; along with interviews with other travellers, and stories sent in by listeners. Whether you’re an avid adventurer of the mind, or a regular traveller, be transported to other countries and get inspired to explore the world around you.

    It’s never been cheaper to travel than now and as a result, more people are heading overseas and experiencing different cultures which is fantastic, but with Instagram influencing where people travel to, a lot of travelers have become more concerned with the photo they take, rather than the locals they meet, or the experience of being in another country.

    Each podcast, I’ll be telling stories from travel, that ended up being important lessons, in life. Many experiences were obstacles but there was also times of jubilation. Be inspired, be entertained and, be excited about travel. You don’t have to go long distances to find something new to explore. Often it’s the road, we pass everyday but never go down, that can provide the biggest surprises.

    “I regret traveling” said no-one ever.

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    If you have questions about the podcast, Travelosophy, or would like to submit a life changing travel experience you have personally had, then please get in touch.

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Jade Jackson


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