Most Popular Podcast Episodes and Blog Posts of 2018

Check out the most downloaded podcast episodes, and read blog posts of 2018.

Once Christmas is finished, I declare the year over. The lull between Christmas and New Year is a weird combination of Christmas clean-up, and simply waiting for New Years, which is the most overrated event of the year. However, before we clear out the past year, spend the rest of the week catching up on what you might have missed out on. Here’s my most popular blog posts and podcast episodes of 2018 (as judged by downloads or reads):

10) The Addiction of Travel (podcast episode)
This podcast episode shared what many travelers were thinking and feeling, and put into words what they had failed to conceptualise—that they’d become addicted to travel; unable to find a ‘home’ yet equally feeling at home, anywhere. It’s easy to fall into the trap that life will be better elsewhere, but in order to be happy someplace else, first you must be happy within. Listen to this personal and in-depth episode of Travelosophy below or download it here.

9) Travel China Independantly (blog post)
Unless you speak fluent Mandarin, travelling China without a tour can be difficult, and at it’s worst seemingly impossible. However I was determined to make it happen, and I managed a three week trip, solo without a tour. As flights to China are at their cheapest, it seems many travellers want to make the most of the opportunity, making this blog post popular amongst independant and solo travelers. I also recorded a podcast episode with some stories from the road, which you can download here, or listen below:

8) Clouds are Like Sky Paintings; Art for all the World to Enjoy (blog post)

Image by Jade Jackson

In a re-imagining of an old blog post, admiring clouds provides a unique view of the world. It allows you to see beauty, everywhere. The best part about cloudspotting is it’s free, practically anyone can do it, there’s no skills required and you can do it anywhere in the world. All reasons why this post proved popular. I also talk about clouds in a podcast episode of Jade Talks Stuff:

7) How to be a Travel Writer (podcast episode)
It’s easy to see why this podcast episode was popular. See the world, write about it, get paid. I chat to Linda Moon, a freelance lifestyle and travel writer about how she got her first paid travel writing gig, where travel has taken her, and most importantly, what she has learnt from travel. Listen to the episode below or download it here.

6)Interview with Associate Professor of Linguistics, Nathaniel Rudolph (podcast episode)
Understanding languages and communication with locals is integral to a positive travel experience. Hearing direct from an expert inspired many keen to learn multiple languages. As Nathaniel lives in Japan, he also has lots of handy travel advice for those interested in a diverse Japanese experience, as well as travelling Japan on a budget. He also shares some useful tips for those travelling with families. Listen to this podcast episode below or download it here.

5) Death (podcast episode)
In my first interview for my Jade Talks Stuff Podcast, I was truly blessed to find Margot Carmichael. A freelance writer from Roswell, Georgia who essentially euthanised her mother (fulfilling her mother’s wishes). She talks about what it was like, how she overcame a serious debilitating disease whilst dealing with grief, and also how death has impacted how she lives life. Most people vocally fear death, but it seems they’re also intrigued as this episode was amongst my top listened to podcast episodes of 2018. You can hear the full episode below, or download it here.

4) My first Gap Year at 11 Years Old (podcast episode)
A kid on a gap year? How is such a thing possible you ask? My mother is a teacher and essentially home-schooled me for a year, as we backpacked around Europe and Asia. It changed my life, it set my career path in motion, and it taught me that travel is life. I imagine now all those insta-mum’s will be doing the same and making out that it was all their idea, but my mum was the first. Being my first Travelosophy podcast episode also meant this one was popular. Download the full episode here or listen below:

3) Remote Road Trips in New Zealand (podcast episode)

Image by Jade Jackson.

It’s not often you find a road trip, through virgin rainforest, that leads to an independent republic, headed by a goat. Just as rare is to drive along a coastline so wild, you can spot sharks swimming along the shore. Welcome to New Zealand. Hear all about these and other fun places in my second most listened to podcast episode of 2018. You can download it here, or listen below:

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