Leonard Cohen – Thanks For The Dance

There’s few albums I’ve played on repeat, the first was Leonard Cohen’s Songs From a Room. The next was every Portishead Album ever.

With Thanks for the dance, we have a sweet sorrowful wonder filled last hurrah; an album that from the moment it finished, I pressed play once more because it held answers to questions I never asked, taught me lessons I didn’t realised I needed to know and most importantly, it’s a reminder of the end.

When all is said and done, our words both written and in song are all that’s left behind because memories will one day be forgotten.

With Leonard Cohen’s Thanks for the dance, we’re taken on a nostalgic journey, with a long lost friend. It’s bittersweet – wonderful to hear his words and voice once more but even more heartbreaking knowing, this is the last new works we’ll hear of his. The last chance to listen to a new Leonard Cohen album. The last time. At least it’s a legacy to be proud of.

Speaking of which, so, here’s my legacy – Drunk Love Sober Death

What will your legacy be?

Listen to a sneak preview of Leonard Cohen’s, Thanks for the dance.

Listen with quality headphones, in a quiet place, void of distractions and immerse yourself.

What are your thoughts? Comment below!

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