Jade Talks Travel #12 – Russia and the Trans-Mongolian Railway

Take one of the longest railway journey’s in the world, through snow, desert, and mountains with the trans Mongolian railway. #jadetalkstravel #transsiberianrailway #transmongolianrailway #train #mongolia #china #russia

In this episode, head to Russia and join The Trans-Siberian Railway or Trans-Mongolian Railway. It’s the kind of trip that many traveller’s talk about doing, but few do. I share my experiences travelling along the Trans-Mongolian Railway, buying ripe bananas in Siberia, sleeping in a Mongolian Yurt, and what meals to cook when you only have access to hot water. You don’t have to do a tour to experience Russia and the Trans-Mongolian Railway, anyone can do it independently and tick off, this incredible journey from your bucket-list.

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If you wish to book your own accommodation in Russia, I recommend using Agoda.

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