Jade Talks Travel #22 – Are Tourists, Killing Tourism?

Are tourists killing tourism? It’s time to have the discussion if mass tourism is a good thing or a bad thing. Have your say!

Are tourists killing tourism? I’ve been wondering this after reading a few articles about places that had closed down to tourists, because there were too many, and pollution was destroying the natural environment. I also watched a documentary on Al Jazeera highlighting the tension between tourists and locals, which is why I wanted to bring about the discussion, are tourists, destroying the very thing they seek to see? Here’s a list of tourist-free destinations >> https://jadejackson.com.au/tourist-free-travel-ideas/ Share your views – head to my website, https://jadejackson.com.au or find me on facebook, reddit and twitter @jadekinsjackson. Thanks for listening! Sorry for the delay between episodes, I’m getting back on track with everything! Happy travels and don’t forget to send me a postcard! Cheers, Jade 🙂

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