Jade Talks Travel #17 – How to be a Travel Photographer (or travel photography tips for beginners).

Learn how to improve your travel photos and take the money shot.

Learn how to be a travel photographer by first improving your travel photos. As a photographer who specialises in travel, I often hear “I wish I was a better photographer” so I’ve created an entire podcast episode of pretty much everything I’ve learned in 30 plus years of travel photography. From the basics of operating an SLR camera, to planning your photos, to editing. Everything you need to go out and create incredible images. I also include a section on phone photography, though the idea for this podcast is regardless of what camera you have, you can still create stunning images.
All the photos I mentioned in the podcast, can be viewed on a blog post here or on the following link >> https://jadejackson.com.au/improve-your-travel-photos/
Need to find the cheapest flights? Find them on my website here >>
Of course one of the best places to view my travel photos in action is in my travel articles (found at the bottom of the page).
In the meantime, as a thanks for your patience, if you would like a free digital download of a Blue Mountains photograph (valued at $35) which is ready to print and frame, just submit your details here. For free iPhone Photography and Apple Photos Editing workshops, check out Today at Apple. To read how an entire weekend at Coachella was faked for Instagram, read the story here.
If you’d like to check out all my photos, you can purchase them from my online shop, of course if you prefer ad-free blogposts then head to www.patreon.com/Jadejackson. For other ways to show your love, head to https://jadejackson.com.au/podcasts/support-podcast/ Be sure to say hi on twitter @jadekinsjackson or find me on facebook @jadekinsjackson. Lastly, head to my website for more podcast episodes and awesome blog posts, https://jadejackson.com.au. Thanks for listening to Jade Talks Travel!

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