Jade Talks The Brain

Hello and welcome to the first episode in a series about brains; specifically how amazing they are. How often do you actually think about your brain and all it can do? What’s weird if you think about it, this episode is essentially my brain talking about itself. There’s much to discover and discuss when it comes to brains but understanding how brains work is fundamental to ensuring we live our best lives possible. I’m not sure exactly how any episodes there are going to be about the brain, but as I gather new research and information, I’ll release sporadic episodes. Of course if you have something to add, please contact me. Here’s all the links I mention in the podcast; 1) The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine 2) Evolve Your Brain by Dr Joe Dispenza 3) Dr Joe Dispenza website 3) ASMR Videos You Tube 4) Human Navigation Experiment 5) Music Memory Experiment in Berlin 6) UK Car Crash Victim Speaks French 7) Australian Car Crash Victim Speaks Mandarin 8)Jade Talks Poetry 9) Compass by Jade Jackson 10) Jade Talks Travel. If you want to say Hi, you can tweet me @jadekinsjackson, find me on facebook @jadekinsjackson, reddit u/jadekinsjackson or instagram @jadekinsjackson. If you love the show, please tell your friends, subscribe or leave a review on apple podcast. Thanks for listening!

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