Jade Talks Poetry

In this podcast episode hear what inspired Jade Jackson to write his first poem, examples of early poetry and recent poems, as well as learn how to create your own beautiful poem.

Words are powerful tools, use them wisely. As such, poetry is the ultimate craft. Using words to create powerful emotions and to evoke physical sensations like goosebumps is almost witchcraft. In this podcast episode hear what inspired me to write my first poem, how poetry shaped my writing career, and you’ll also learn how to create your own beautiful poem. Anyone can write poetry after listening to this podcast episode. If you want to know more poetry terms, you’ll find an online dictionary here. If you would like further details on crafting poetry, I recommend A Poetry Handbook by Mary Oliver If you love the content I produce and would like more, then please head to my website https://jadejackson.com.au. If you want to hear or read more of my poetry then check out my patreon page which is www.patreon.com/jadejackson and if you wish to say hi, you can tweet me @jadekinsjackson, on Insta @jadekinsjackson and facebook @jadejacksonphotography. Please share your poetry with me, I’d love to read it out on a future podcast episode! Don’t forget to check out my other podcast, Travelosophy. Thanks for listening!

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