Jade Talks Losing Everything in a House fire

Ever wondered what it’s like to lose EVERYTHING in a house fire?

In 2013 my parent’s house burnt down and we lost everything. Even though I was living in New Zealand, before I moved, I stored everything I owned in their attic. So 30+ years of stuff, was now all gone. Despite the initial tragedy, and thankfully all my family was fine; however there was an unexpected positive outcome from it.

Losing all my stuff meant I came to realise that stuff doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t define us, it doesn’t make us a better person. Sure it was devastating to lose all my travel photos, but I still have the memories, (which I share in my podcast, Travelosophy). In this episode you’ll hear how the events of that day unfolded, what it was like to walk through the rubble, and how things transpired, years later.

With the recent devastating bushfires in California, it’s a timely reminder that losing stuff isn’t the end of the world, because you can always buy more stuff. As long as people are safe, that’s all that truly matters.

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With Christmas coming up, it’s a timely reminder that stuff doesn’t make a better Christmas. If you’d like more ideas, then check out my article on medium about Alternative Christmas Traditions.

To view more images from the burnt out remains of my parents house, click here (it’s about half-way down the page).

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