Jade Talks Cheap Flights #9 – Singapore, Philippines, USA, Japan, Belize, Russia

Find cheap flights to exotic destinations, with direct links to book them all in Jade Talks Cheap Flights.
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Hi, apologies for the lack of episode yesterday. I was buys finishing off an audio book I’m about to publish, plus with the announcements of borders closing, airlines cancelling flights for three months, I was pretty certain few people would be searching for flights that day. However, in todays podcast, there are cheap flights to be found departing in November, to Singapore, Philippines, USA, Japan, Belize and Russia! Here’s the link to book all of these flights mentioned in todays podcast >> https://jadejackson.com.au/cheap-flights-by-jade-21-mar-20-singapore-manila-tokyo-new-york-belize-las-palmas-tahiti-moscow-amsterdam/

If you wish to search your own flights head to, https://jadejackson.com.au/cheap-flights. Follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/cheapflightjade or find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jadetalkstravel. Continue the discussion at www.reddit.com/r/independenttravel. If you think your friends would like this, please share it with them! Lastly, be sure to check out my other podcasts, Jade Talks Travel and Jade Talks Stuff. Thanks for listening! Cheers, Jade 🙂

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