Jade Talks Cheap Flights #7 USA, Ecuador, Vietnam and Bali

I know, I know. But you came here for cheap flights, and that’s what you’ll get! Deals to USA, Ecuador, Bali and Vietnam all for travel in late 2020!
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Wow what a day. A Level 4 travel ban introduced in Australia which means it’s not recommended to travel anywhere in the world, apart from within Australia. But you came here for cheap flights and cheap flights is what you’ll get. All deals I found are for travel in late 2020, when things should have calmed down by then. Here’s the link to book all the cheap flights mentioned in todays episode >> https://jadejackson.com.au/cheap-flights-by-jade-18-mar-20-bali-ecuador-vietnam-and-usa/.

If you wish to search your own flights, head to https://jadejackson.com.au/cheap-flights. Follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/cheapflightjade. Find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jadetalkstravel or continue the discussion on reddit at www.reddit.com/r/independenttravel. If you think your friends would like this, please tell them about it. Check out my other podcasts, Jade Talks Travel and Jade Talks Stuff. Thanks for listening! Cheers Jade 🙂

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