Itinerary Planning Terms and Conditions

Itinerary planning is an optional service offered to travellers to help navigate the world of online travel bookings. As a traveller, ex-travel agent, teacher of travel and tourism, teacher of IATA airfares and ticketing and issuer of airline tickets, I have a ton of knowledge about booking travel.

Itinerary planning is a paid service which covers my time spent searching for deals, researching, planning and preparing your trip. It does not include the cost of any travel products. A free 10 minute appraisal of your trip outline is provided to ensure your needs/wants are feasible before committing to the itinerary preparation service.

Cost for personalised itinerary planning is as follows:

Duration of tripCost
Return/One Way Flights Only$30
Round the world flight (4 sectors)$99
Full round the world (16 sectors)$500
7 day itinerary$199
14 day itinerary$359
21 day itinerary$535
Custom itinerary PreparationPOA

All fees are suggested and may vary depending upon your specific itinerary and destination. Before any planning is done, (based on the free appraisal), all itinerary planning costs will be outlined clearly including any additional merchant fees. All fees listed above are payable in advance via direct deposit, credit card, stripe or PayPal and exclude any associated fees attributed by merchants.

Your trip itinerary will be emailed to you (in PDF format) which includes suggested activities, transportation and accommodation recommendations based on your interests, availability and budget.

Included in your trip itinerary will be booking links for any paid travel products. All booking links provided are based on the cost and availability at the time of writing and no guarantee is made as to the price or availability of any product. Travel is a fluid environment and things change often. I make no guarantee that prices offered will be the cheapest, as airline sales (as well as other travel products) are released without notice and can change from year to year depending upon worldwide circumstances.

If you happen to find a cheaper price, good for you!

I will however search all my usual databases including an airlines own website, online travel agencies and travel wholesalers for the best option to match your itinerary and needs.

If there is a limited duration special, I will attempt to notify you before completing your itinerary planning so you have an opportunity to make a reservation, however some specials are limited not only in duration but also availability. No guarantee is made to price, service or availability of products offered by third party suppliers.

Travel products offered may be affiliated with this website (offering a commission) or they may be the best option, based on your needs and availability at the time of writing. Whether you choose to book your travel products through the recommended links in your itinerary or elsewhere is entirely up to you. The itinerary I produce is for your informational purposes only and whether you choose to stick to my itinerary reccomendations or make alternative arrangements is entirely up to you. There is no obligation by you to use my suggested itinerary.

Depending upon your trip and flexibility, up to three flight options will be offered based on price, airline, routing (and stopovers) or availability.

Hotel options are based on price, location, reviews and facilities (if required).

Not all public transport options such as timetables and routings are available online and I will do my best to provide as much information as possible that is available to me.

All passports, visas, inoculations and vaccinations are YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. I can make reccomendations based on Smart Traveller and other government run websites, however you should always check your own personal circumstances as I may not have all available information from you to make a reliable decision or suggestion.

If you have any questions about the above terms and conditions or the itinerary preparation service, then please contact me.