How to Make Money on TikTok

Want to make money on TikTok? It’s super easy, here’s how…

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So you want to make money on TikTok?

First it’s important to know what TikTok is and what it isn’t.
TikTok is the #1 downloaded social media app currently trending on Apple’s App Store. Its growth has been so fast, that is likely to surpass Facebook, Instagram and even You Tube with its short, 15 second videos designed to be sharable.

Unlike Instagram which pushes users to promote brands, TikTok specifically states in their terms that no commercial videos can be published, unless you formally pay for a TikTok advertisement video.

So how do you make money on Tik Tok?


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It’s super easy. I’ve written about it in an article on the following link (can’t duplicate content, sorry but it’s near the bottom):

>> How to make money with TikTok <<


Of course it helps to be ridiculously good looking, dance well, hit every beat, post daily, start new trends, create content people relate to, create content people care about, create content that people have to tell their friends about, respond to fan requests, make fans feel valued, post live videos (coming soon), keep themes amongst your videos, but also make each one different, ask for likes, follows and comments, respond to comments, make guest appearances on other videos, have other TikTok stars guest appear in your videos, create content in different locations, change your clothing, create content that people can mimic, create content that is different to what users have already seen, catch user’s attention before the video starts, then keep their attention within the first 3 seconds, have a regular posting schedule, plan your videos weeks in advance, purchase props, utilise various video effects and filters, write scripts, choreograph, practice, edit, practice again, edit again, try new facial expressions, but make the videos still look super casual and unprofessional, check statistics so you know what content user’s preferred, bring your mum or dad into your videos, have random strangers pop in, share your life story, be inspirational, be interesting, be a business person, be money savvy, be the same person in front of the camera and off-camera, make time for fans, negotiate appearances, make videos in hard to get to places, and keep doing all this day in, day out for no money for months on end until you gain enough followers to warrant a company paying you to use their product because your ‘look’ fits their ‘look’ and brand or until a fan wants to just give you money, even though they already pay Netflix, Disney+, and HBO.

Yes it’s that easy.

Are you TikTok famous? Get in touch – I’ll interview you on my podcast!


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