About me

Hi, I’m Jade Jackson; Writer, Podcaster and Photographer. After fifteen years in the travel and tourism industry, I now make a living as a photographer, and freelance writer, whilst I complete my first novel.

I’ve written anything from listicles to reviews to events and activities to fill your weekends with; basically, I find interesting stuff to do, and I write about it, so that others can experience it too.

Written by a traveller with industry insider knowledge, I include all you need to know, to experience whatever it is I’m writing about.

You can find all my articles here or check out my blog posts here.

If you would like to increase readers of your magazine, news or lifestyle website, and require captivating original articles that are inspiring and honest and include eye-catching images (including 360 Virtual Reality); plus all the facts your readers require to experience your offering first-hand, then please contact me today to discuss your copywriting requirements for your website.

I’m a regular contributor to Weekend Notes, reviewing all sorts of interesting and fun stuff to do in Sydney and beyond. With a newsletter subscription base of approximately 200,000 subscribers in Sydney and over two million website hits a month.

Readers of the Weekend Notes newsletters are actively looking for new stuff to do, see, eat and experience in their city, to fill their weekends with. They have money to spend, kids to entertain, dates to impress, work to escape from and don’t need much of an excuse to get out there and try something new.

Likewise if you have talent you’d like promoted, I’ve interviewed actors and musicians such as:

  • Michael Malarkey from The Vampire Diaries and who is also a musician
  • Matt Davis who has appeared in Blue Crush, Legally Blonde and The Vampire Diaries
  • Keegan Allen who is known for playing the role of Toby in Pretty Little Liars and who is also a photographer
  • The cast of Fiddler on the Roof – musician Lior, stage-musical ledgend-Anthony Warlow, Sigrid Thornton and Aussie comedian, Mark Mitchell

I ask the important questions readers wish they could ask, to really get to know who their favourite celebrities are and what they get up to when the cameras are switched off.

Even in a stadium situation, I can capture the highlights of being there, such as Chris Hemsworth’s Live Talk at Supernova in Sydney recently, or the panel discussion of authors Brandon Sanderson, Cat Sparx and Alan Baxter.

I’ve self-published a play, Compass, and am currently in the editing phase of my first novel; a complicated love story set in both Sydney and the Outback. I also write poetry, short stories and song lyrics.

Where possible, I include original images in my articles, ensuring the reader gets lost in ‘being there’. Years of travel (I’ve explored almost 60 countries) presented me with opportunities to photograph amazing places, but arriving at locations like the glaciers of Iceland, the temples of Angkor Watt in Cambodia or the crystalline beaches of Bermuda, didn’t always mean the right lighting or weather conditions would present themselves, and there always seemed to be other tourists getting in the way.

As a result, I’ve learnt to get the shot, no matter the circumstances. Great photographers know how to use excellent tools, but exceptional photographers go out, into the worst conditions and see beauty when other’s would be packing up their gear.

Check out my blog post, ‘Mountains in Mist’ which is a collection of images taken in the Blue Mountains on foggy days.

I regularly shoot weddings, family portraits and special events like birthday and engagement parties and corporate events so if you need an experienced, professional photographer, then please contact me to discuss your needs.

As for Podcasting, I previously recorded a travel podcast about the UK including suggested itineraries and the latest travel deals. At the time it was ranked #5 in the top ten travel podcasts on iTunes.

My new podcast is Travelosophy – Life Lessons From Global Expeditions and features entertaining and uplifting travel stories. Some are my own, others are from other explorers I’ll interview along the way, and eventually I’ll include stories from listeners as well.

You can subscribe to Travelosophy for free on iTunes Podcasts or Google Play, or you can listen to any episode on my podcast page.

I also produce a second show, Jade Talks Stuff Which is an educational podcast about anything and everything.

If you have any questions at all, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy reading, watching and listening.

Jade Jackson
Writer | Podcaster | Photographer

P.S. Here’s a couple of selfies (not my forte), from a recent trip to China or for the proper experience, check out my portfolio from China.