Hawaii Return fr $347** (MEL)

Hawaii return fr $347? *Cough Cough, sorry boss I’m real sick..
SYD fr $432!

**This deal has now ended**. Click here for other cheap flights to Hawaii.

Before you get too excited, these are with Jetstar, so you know the drill, bags, meals, entertainment, seat select, credit card payment, blanky, pillow, eye-mask, insurance, Qantas points, date change, on-board drinks, snacks, ammenities, and pretty much everything you could possibly need on a flight is extra.

But if you’re a light packer, sure, they’re dirt cheap.
Travel during November/December 2019 and May 2020 (Syd).
All flights are direct. Hurry, these fares won’t last long!
Sale ends 7th July 2019 unless sold out sooner.

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$347 Return Melbourne to Honolulu Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

24/Nov04/Dec$347View Flight
01/Dec11/Dec$347View Flight
15/Nov24/Nov$347View Flight
29/Nov08/Dec$347View Flight
29/Nov11/Dec$347View Flight
08/Nov15/Nov$347View Flight
15/Nov22/Nov$347View Flight
17/Nov24/Nov$347View Flight
24/Nov01/Dec$347View Flight
01/Dec08/Dec$347View Flight
04/Dec11/Dec$347View Flight
15/Nov29/Nov$347View Flight
17/Nov01/Dec$347View Flight
10/Nov15/Nov$347View Flight
17/Nov22/Nov$347View Flight
24/Nov29/Nov$347View Flight
29/Nov04/Dec$347View Flight
10/Nov22/Nov$363View Flight
08/Nov22/Nov$363View Flight
24/Nov08/Dec$363View Flight

$432 Return Sydney to Honolulu Flights. Click Here for more travel dates.

05/Nov16/Nov$432View Flight
12/Nov21/Nov$432View Flight
19/Nov28/Nov$432View Flight
04/Nov16/Nov$432View Flight
05/Nov18/Nov$432View Flight
19/Nov26/Nov$432View Flight
02/Nov16/Nov$432View Flight
04/Nov18/Nov$432View Flight
12/Nov18/Nov$432View Flight
19/Nov25/Nov$432View Flight
04/Nov19/Nov$432View Flight
31/Oct16/Nov$432View Flight
07/May18/May$433View Flight
18/May04/Jun$433View Flight
12/Nov19/Nov$433View Flight
08/Jun20/Jun$433View Flight
19/May04/Jun$433View Flight
05/Nov19/Nov$434View Flight
12/Nov23/Nov$434View Flight
12/Nov25/Nov$438View Flight

Not sure these are a deal? Here's a live flight checker to compare other airlines (also to search from your city):

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All flights are with Jetstar and are direct from all cities. Jetstar are a low cost carrier, so all checked baggage and in-flight meals will be extra.

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These prices won’t last long. Usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

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