Gone From My Days.

Gone from my days,
oh sweet pretty one,
who’s life was failed by all..

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In a grassy field pockmarked with invisible stone faces; 
by the thousands.

Surrounded by death, tall trees and tinsel flapping on tiny white crosses stuck haphazardly in the ground. 

It should scare me, but it’s peaceful

I should be angry,
but here,
beneath wispy  clouds and shimmering  leaves;
I’m relaxed.

Gone from my days, oh sweet pretty one, 
who’s life was failed by all.

She wasn’t meant for this world,
of anger, hate, and madness.
She felt everyone’s pain,
stacked on top of her own. 

It was all too much. 

Like the princess  and the pea, 
no amount of softness could hide the torment inside.

She felt everything;  
including thoughts by you and me.

I want to wrap her up in my arms and hold her tight forevermore
leaving no breath unsqueezed,
no blink untethered,
no heartbeat missed.

I loved her; 
she knew it;
I think. 

I’m sure she held onto me for as long as she could. 

There should have been a saga, a novel for the ages, 
instead there’s just a  graphic novella
A handful of photos from love-filled nights in Sydney|San Fran|New York|Fort Worth.

The rest memories;
one day,
will be forgotten.

Her death shocked me;  
as would being told I’m cancerous; 
though with no such poison released,
only I remain.

I always thought fate would join us together, 
but it never did, 
it lied, 
deceived us as the devil who makes twisted stories become the entrails of forgotten dreams.

One less conversation 

My phone beeps less now

Messages remain unread,

and will forevermore.

-Jade Jackson

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