Travelosophy Episode #5 – Shanghai Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland

How to skip the lines at the happiest place on earth.

In episode #5 I divulge what’s new and different about the biggest and newest Disneyland theme park in Shanghai, and reveal an important lesson when heading to Hong Kong Disneyland. I also have some special guests, Emily—a first time visitor to Tokyo Disneyland, Chevy—a Disney fanatic who has been to Euro Disney and WDW many times, and Faith, an ex-student from New Zealand who spent a year working at Walt Disney World, Florida. If you have your own stories to share then head to my website or you can tweet me @jadekinsjackson or message me on facebook @travelosophypodcast. If you wish to join the community and pledge your support, then please head to Thanks for listening!

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