Jade Talks Death

How often do you think about dying? According to the Bhutanese, you should do so 5 times a day.

It’s time to talk about death. Not because I’m I’m dying (well, we all are really) but because it’s unavoidable. There is no escape from death’s clutches, and by not talking about death, we’re missing opportunities, to ensure we live our best life possible. This episode all started because of an app that helpfully reminds me five times a day, that I’m going to die. The impact of this has been bigger than I imagined. I also chat to Margot, a freelance writer from Georgia, USA who along with her sister, helped to euthanize her mother (exactly as she had asked). Hear the impact that event had on Margot’s life, and how you too, can use the knowledge of death, to live. If you have comments or you just want to say hi, please tweet me @jadekinsjackson, or message me on facebook @jadejacksonphotography. If you’re a fan of the show, then please tell your friends, and leave a review on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcasting app. Thanks for listening!

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